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Creating memories and our own history is what life is all about….. special “Time” is the greatest GIFT you can give a loved one." - CP & DP Polk, PA

Those Christmas lights made me cry! It’s so pretty. The Christmas tree in the parlour is so beautiful. I wish I could come here and stay again! Wow! what a beautiful place!" - SB Namwon, Korea

...we always see something new and we always have a wonderful time. Thank you for bringing GWTW to life! It’s breathtaking!" - LG, OS, LS & LB various locations

We escape all the stress of normal days if for just one night. We consider it a special treat and feel honored to be able to stay here." - JS & DS Concord, OH

The grace and elegance of it all was enchanting. Leaving after only one evening saddens me “but I can’t think of that now. I’ll think about it tomorrow. After all tomorrow is another day”." - KS & GS Pittsburgh, PA

It is as if we have transcended time and we walked in the footsteps of our forefathers. Just to think that we have had the opportunity to share in all this nostalgia simply takes our breath away. the pleasure has been all ours!" - JS & GS Atco, NJ

Tara is truly a place for love, beauty and being spoiled." - MB Cleveland, OH

Thanks for the memories." - KB & MB Hamburg, NY

What a wonderful place!" - JG & CG Warren, OH

We’ve had a romantic glimpse of what the “Old South” truly was. We look forward to our return." - EH & CH Cleveland, OH

Oh what a beautiful place, like stepping back into a more romantic time." - KM &DM Macedonia Ohio

What a beautiful place at Christmastime!" - TS & MS Barberton Ohio

Dinner in Ashley’s was the most exquisite dining experience of our lives!" - JK & DK Tallmadge, OH

It’s true what they say about Southern Hospitality too! We’re taking fabulous memories home." - TS Cleveland, OH

Something I will never forget." - LJ & MM Pittsburgh PA

it is breath taking, exquisite and a place you can never forget." - BS & NS Concord Township, OH

It was very relaxing, and everyone treated us like royalty. It was a nice way to forget our everyday worries and focus on what’s important in our lives." - LD & JD Niles, OH

Your gardens are large, gracious and restful – what more could one ask for? It will be awfully hard to surpass Tara! Thank you for letting us live the fairytale!" - LK & JK Shaker Heights OH

cradled by all the lovely memorabilia, yet in touch with the present. We have been immersed in luxury." - GP Hamilton, Ontario CA

We are so glad we found it – it is a real treasure." - NT & PT Highland, CA

to a place that is more beautiful and peaceful than today." - TM & SM Pittsburgh, PA

It allowed us to step outside the hectic-ness of today’s life and experience a time gone by." - TR & AR Wexford, PA

you have done the “Old South” justice. We will definitely return!" - CR Charleston SC

We thank you for this time we had together in your world of love and kindness." - JB & KB Pittsburgh, PA

"A delightful walk back in time…." - DA West Palm Beach, FL

With such a wonderful atmosphere it’s very easy to rekindle the romance." - BL & ML Cortland, OH

is the ultimate in “Southern” hospitality so perfectly recreated here at Tara." - RS & KS – Carrollton, OH

Thank you for keeping charm alive in this place and in our hearts. We look forward to visiting again." - AK & AK Wheatland, PA

"This is a beautiful and gracious example of American hospitality." - JT & WT Warren, OH

Thank you for a step back in time." - RD & JD Philadelphia, PA

Much thanks to the Winners for their vision of what to do with their collectables and the preservation of the forgotten word “class”." - CB Bucks County, PA

about Southern life and comforts – fortunately Margaret Mitchell has already done that!" - CK Cambridge Springs, PA

Everything we have seen was just beautifully done and was like a visit into the past. Thank you!" - BS Austintown, OH

It is a real treasure. The staff and the service have been perfect." - JE Tampa, FL

How can one not be in love or fall in love again in this environment? Bravo Tara! The accommodations were superb, and the cuisine was stupendous!" - LB Altoona, PA

I am an admirer of “Gone with the Wind” so I was in my glory inspecting all the memorabilia." - JC & DC Conneaut Lake, PA

We decided to treat ourselves to this luxury and tranquility. It renews the soul. We will return." - EJ & JJ Murrysville, PA

I am a huge “GWTW” fan and I feel as though I’ve gone back in time to a peaceful, quiet and happy era. (my daughter is even named Tara)." - MW & SW Medina, OH

The excellent food and wonderful service. The peace in the air and the romantic setting has been most enjoyable." - NS & KS Boswell, PA

The meals were great, and the hospitality was fantastic. We hope we will be able to return again." - MG Las Vegas, NV

Thanks for helping us to remember what it is to relax and savor the good things in life. We threw off the baggage of everyday life and enjoyed the bounty of Tara. It is the attention to the little things that will make this a most memorable stay and make us long for our next returning." - SW Valley View, OH

one might think that Tara would be an odd place to stay with two other women, but what a great place to share secrets knowing that will never leave these walls. We will make this a place for annual girls’ weekends out." - AD Seattle, WA

so elegant. We look forward to returning again." - HW & CW Phoenix, AZ

Time stands still here. All of our worries disappear, and all stress is gone." - PC Waverly, OH

This place just seems to grow more and more beautiful each time we visit. Thank you for offering such beauty and elegance to your guests." - BS New Castle, PA

The staff has been wonderful, and the food is delicious." - ML & RL Oakdale, PA

Nothing short of excellence." - MA & SA Hermitage, PA

It is wonderful to see buildings from the past restored. We had a wonderful stay!" - EW & RW Buffalo, NY

"One weekend of luxury felt like at least a week’s worth of relaxation!" - CZ & CZ Springville, NY

“GWTW” is my favorite fiction book and I LOVED the movie. We enjoy seeing all the treasures. You are so gracious to share them with us. Your staff is so courteous, and we feel like we are truly receiving old-time “Southern Hospitality”! Thank you!" - FB & JB DuBoise, PA

I experienced when I first saw “GWTW” at the movies. I have since seen the movie so many times I can almost speak the actors’ lines before they do. This visit to your lovely establishment has rekindled that sense of magic! Thank you for an experience of a lifetime – one I will cherish always!" - JW & JW Dayton, OH 4/2006

We brought our boat and enjoyed the day on the lake before checking in; then swimming, dining and enjoying our room. We enjoyed our stay and expect to return every year on our anniversary." - AS & KS Pittsburgh, PA

Your detail to everything is marvelous. The service is superb. Everyone was warm and friendly and couldn’t do enough for us." - LG & SG East Aurora, NY

A transplanted Southern girl, a visit to Tara soothes my soul!" - CS & DS Andover, OH

who helped to make this our best stay ever. Memories will be “timeless” once again. Tara’s elegance has provided us with the total relaxation needed." - AC & JC New Kensington, PA

I am a “Southern Transplant”. How nice to be somewhere that fits right in with my original Southern accent (which these Yankees find to be so amusing!). Thanks to all the staff and owners for providing such an elegant and gracious escape from reality. A gal could sure get used to this…. I’m SURE I was Scarlett in another life! We were enchanted by it all." - FK Baden, PA

It’s the perfect way to reward yourself for all the hard work and devotion you give to your family each and every day! we all need a time to feel like royalty and at Tara, that’s exactly how you are treated. Take a break, sit back, relax and enjoy the moment!" - SS & SS Columbia, OH

to get out of the hustle and bustle of Pittsburgh and into the beauty and serenity of your world here at Tara." - EW & NW Pittsburgh, PA

This by far is the “Best of the Best”.. Awesome! We’ll be back." - RS & BS Wichita Kansas

"Take a walk around the property, inside and out, and you'll wonder if you are in a museum or a southern country inn. Collectibles abound, both from the Civil War and Gone with the Wind memorabilia. The collection of Civil War guns is one of the largest of its kind outside of Gettysburg. Scarlett's bed jacket from the honeymoon scene in GWTW, as well as Rhett's honeymoon robe are on display. Throughout the inn are photos, letters, plates, posters, etc with a GWTW connection. Any aficionado of the romantic classic would be in heaven." - Review by Wheeling WV News-Register