Wonderful Winter Things to Do in Mercer County, Pennsylvania

Winter in Mercer County, Pennsylvania doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do. From cross-country skiing and ice skating to long hikes in the woods, there are plenty of cold weather activities to choose from. Creating your winter bucket list have never been easier than with this blog post.

The average high winter temperature in Mercer County, PA is mid to high 30’s (Fahrenheit). This means that with the right clothing and equipment, outdoor winter activities are easy and assessable. They only question is which you will try first.

Here at Tara – A Country Inn, our staff take great pride in helping our guests get the most of each season, including winter visits. If you aren’t sure where to start, allow our local experts to assist you.

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Cross-Country Skiing

Cross Country SkiingGliding across snow-covered terrain, cross-country skiing is an excellent winter sport for those who are looking to experience nature and a full-body workout. Cross-country skiers use their own momentum to move across trails and varied snowy terrain. This recreational activity can be enjoyed by varying skill sets. Cross-country skiing does require specialized ski equipment, which means more investment than other winter activities. One great place to cross-country ski in Mercer County, PA is at Buhl Park.



Who doesn’t love sledding? Whether you zip down that popular neighborhood spot, like Buhl Park, or on a dedicated sledding hill, this is a fun winter activity. Sleds are inexpensive and are easy to purchase at any big box store or local hardware store. If you don’t want to purchase a sled, that’s okay. People have been inventive with their sleds for decades, to include plastic tote lids, large garbage bags, boogie boards, and more.

No matter what you choose to sled on, the general concept is simple. All you must do is walk to the top of a clear snowy hillside with your sled of choice, sit on your sled, and allow gravity to do the rest as you fly down the snow-covered slope.


SnowmobileSnowmobiling is a favorite winter thing to do in Mercer County, PA for those have the need for speed. Imagine zooming across a snowy field or trail, with the white landscape of winter zipping by. If you own your own snowmobile or rent one, you can try snowmobiling in western PA. If you are looking for a local snowmobilling spot check out Goddard State Park.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with local and state laws regarding snow mobile operation.

Ice Skating

couple ice skating outdoorsIce skating is a treasured winter pastime that is centuries old. The equipment needed for ice skating is relatively inexpensive and easy to acquire. Experienced ice skaters will likely make the sport look easier than it is. However, that doesn’t mean that beginners can’t have a fun and thrilling day of skating. They should just plan on a few falls and asking for a hand to hold. Ice skating is a great winter date activity, sore from falling, schedule a couples massage at Buhl Mansion Spa for a restful and relaxing spa date before retreating back to Tara – A Country Inn for dinner and your nightly accommodations.



Although the weather may be a little chilly, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy all nature has to offer on a blissful winter hike. With the correct layered clothing and outwear, hikers can take advantage of the many Mercer County, PA hiking trails year-round. The Shenango Trail – Big Bend Trailhead, Buhl Park, and Trout Island Trail are just some of the many trail options. You can also check out the Mercer Recreation Area.


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